What are the Benefits of Virtual Psychotherapy?

Calgary psychologists: The Benefits of Virtual Psychotherapy 

The global pandemic has forced many individuals to do many daily and weekly routines in remote settings, including working at their jobs, communicating with friends and family, and attending therapy sessions. Going to therapy sessions by computer has been an adjustment for both client and Calgary psychologists, but that isn’t a negative experience at all. While going to teletherapy instead of seeing your therapist in person may sound like a less effective alternative, it has many benefits and advantages for the client and therapist. 

Discover the many benefits of receiving therapy through a computer screen and how it can help improve and maintain your mental health during uncertain and contentious times. 


Scheduling your therapy appointments in between work and social events can be a headache, and rushing to your appointment to make it on time on a commute can easily induce stress. Instead of trying to get to your scheduled appointment frantically after a long day of work, you can simply return home and begin your therapy appointment virtually on your computer. Teletherapy can be a convenient way for all patients to make it to their scheduled appointment so you can attend your appointment feeling stressed out over being late and without having to miss one minute of a session you’re paying for. 

Comfortable and safe

According to a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine, many participants who are attending teletherapy sessions because of safety measures brought on by COVID-19 have had positive experiences in these sessions. Many of those participants in this study have stated that therapy from home feels safe and comforting as they divulge the uncomfortable or upsetting aspects of their lives, both past and present. This form of therapy allows any participant to forge a space of solace within their home, whether that means making yourself a soothing cup of tea or grasping onto any object that exudes sentiment and comfort. 

Someone communicating with their therapist remotely

Just as effective as in-person

There are some misconceptions about teletherapy and how it is deemed less effective than in-person therapy, but that simply isn’t true and has proven to be a baseless claim. Recent research has indicated, including the aforementioned study by the National Library of Medicine, that teletherapy offers many of the same benefits that in-person will also provide and effectively treat mental health conditions. 

Approachable for all

Teletherapy is an accessible approach to mental health guidance for everyone. Finding a therapist to see in person can be extremely difficult when you live in a remote location or have mobility concerns, but teletherapy can be a viable and conducive solution. You don’t have to drive long distances from any remote rural area to try to receive help for your mental health from Calgary psychologists. No one with mobility concerns should have to worry about building access when teletherapy is available to receive. 

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